July 31st 2018

This should be just shooting fish in a barrel. Of course, your kids are funny, brilliant, wise and you’d jump in front of a bullet for them.

But these last two days, my kids Natalie and Michael have staggered me with their compassion, understanding and love. Mike has been with me today and has cleared out a room that I have been trying to tidy up since Gail decided to empty her wardrobes out well over a month ago. Everything bagged, stacked in a cupboard and co-ordinated. I was breathless at how he did it.

Natalie already saved me on Sunday just by being there, but is now coming over to sort out Gail’s eBay passion (15 things I can’t even open! ) and make sure I have access to all her media accounts. 

Quite how this idiot here managed to produce two such clever, talented and uniquely individual people is completely beyond me. So lucky.

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