February’s Memorial Service

‘Sign Your Name’. This was our tune. It entered the chart on the first week in January 1988 and I bought it for Gail as it said all I needed to say in a song. It eventually reached No: 2 and I’ve posted it here a few times this last year. Since 1988, the single cover has held the first photo I ever took of Gail tucked inside.

Today though, it will be ringing around Addenbrooke’s Hospital at a Memorial Service held for those who’ve died in the Hospital’s Critical Care Unit over the past six(+) months. I salute Addenbrookes after-care for the bereaved, but it’s something I didn’t expect nor – I must be honest – need. When I had to go back to Addenbrooke in early December it wiped me out.

But anyway, I’ll be lighting a candle some time after 2pm and then this will play. Perhaps you can click on it too.

You can find the track at the ‘Why Sign Your Name?’ page at https://sign-your-name.com/why-sign-your-name/

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