File Under Life’s Oddities

I discovered that I was able to get a permanent reminder of the Webinar as the Crematorium were able to transfer the whole thing to DVD for me. This however meant a return to the Funeral Director.

I collected the recording of Gail’s funeral from the Funeral Directors today and that is now officially it for ****** & Son.

It’s been a strange ride.

Everyone has been so professional , friendly and nice, – I must have been in the offices over a dozen times since last July – that I’ve felt like someone with a bereaved version of Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve chatted, laughed, cried and had some of the worst days of my life there and I’m actually fighting feelings of further melancholy because I’m never seeing them again (Nor will they see me stretched out as I intend of being out of this town by next spring). My life would be so different had I never met these people and I wish with every fibre of my being I’d never clapped eyes on any of them. But I did, and now I’ll never forget them.

File this under ‘Life’s Oddities’.

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