Just Going Out

The first of those ‘We normally go out’ evenings arrived on Halloween weekend. Every fibre of your being wants to do the thing you usually do to make it ‘normal’ but every part of your body screams ‘It can never be normal again!”

I decided to go out

October 27th 2018. Unbeknown to any of our friends, Gail and I always went out at Halloween and tried to do something a little…err.. ‘different’.

I’ve been wrestling with this all week, will staying in be worse than going out? I’ve decided. I’ve some of the Good Lady’s ashes in a new bracelet round my wrist and the pair of us are going up West this evening and we’re gonna have a good time somewhere…somehow…I don’t know where. If I don’t return, know I went out with a smile.

“No need to struggle with the boots this year Pet, I’m gonna carry ya”

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