O Tannenbaum

The Rules of Christmas Tree Engagement. Let’s start

1/ Squabble over whose car to use as it will have pine needles in it after.
2/ Squabble over where to go to buy tree (We prefer Fraser Fir as it has a more traditional Christmas Tree shape but not every Garden Centre etc. has them in). We could never remember one year where we eventually bought it the last. 
3/ Squabble over size and shape of tree to go in the pre-ordained space. This will take 30 minutes and I will always lose but have to go through the RoCTE anyway.
4/ Invite neighbours and friends round for that annual laughter fest that sees Blagg handle a saw and attempt to actually cut the recommended 2″ off the tree and trim the lower branches.
5/ Squabble over the fact I’ve cut too much off, why am I so useless with tools considering I have so many etc. and decide the time of tree entry and decoration schedule.
6/ Squabble over the fact I am not allowed to decorate the tree as I don’t have the requisite ‘skills’.

Well, as you may imagine 1,2,3,5 and 6 are not longer relevant. But – and bugger I here! – just while I’m coming to terms with that, I find that Homebase now actually offer to cut two inches off and trim lower branches in a fraction of the time it takes me! I now have a tree trimmed and ready to come straight in. This has completely blown my mind.

Having said all that. I’d happily go back to 4 to have 1,2,3,5 and 6 back again…. 

Then two days later

I’ve tried my best, Pet.

As an aside is there any heterosexual, single man in the country who has shoes and handbags on his Christmas tree? I suspect not…

Nobody saw my Christmas Tree beyond me and the cats but I was glad I did what I did.

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