Another Day

I remember many years ago working with someone who told me that when his Mother had died he’d gone out a bought a decent suit – not one for a funeral – just a decent suit. He could never wear it. That had stuck in my head for some reason and I tried not to buy or replace anything I couldn’t bring myself to wear or use afterwards.

Then in November I was working near a large designer outlet and I just had a desire to spend some money on something.

They say grief takes many forms. I’ve just spent £125 in Ted Baker on a pair of trousers and a jumper, £25 in Armani on a pair of underpants and – get this! – £200 on new pots and pans for the kitchen. The words ‘character, out and of’ don’t even come close to describing this.

Fortunately, I use the cookware and wear the clothes.

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