August 7th 2018

I was sorting through some of Lady B’s records and found this. I’d completely forgotten I had it. Thanks Pet, it’s going up on the wall.

(Lady Blagg or Lady B was one of various names Gail adopted over our years together, she could often adopt a sort of royal demeanour so it seemed strangely appropriate to use when she was putting on some airs and graces.

Normally, I always called her affectionately ‘Pet’ due to her North East roots.)

It’s absolutely staggering how things you have tucked away, put out of sight and stored somewhere take on a huge and significant meaning after you lose someone. I mean, this present… it’s a really, really lovely thing. I know I thanked her when she gave it too me but I was nowhere near as effusive enough. What was it doing being tucked away with other records? It was in a frame ffs! Why wasn’t it on a wall like it is now? I’m glad it’s now being displayed in a manner that befits the thought behind it but…why oh why oh why did I wait so long? The doubly frustrating aspect of this is now not only a reminder of Gail and a love lost but also of how much of an arse I could and can be sometimes.

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